Phase 03: Synthesis

Synthesis Phase Description

For the final phase you will work with your partner(s) to explore synthetic transformations to the modern architecture precedents that you have been studying. In light of emerging 3d printing technologies, used in conjunction with new software paradigms, how will these technologies change make architecture in the future? What are the aesthetic, social, cultural, ecological implications? What is the future of the architectural building detail, including envelopes, structures and systems, in the age of 3d printing and additive manufacturing?

  1. Collaboration: Collaborate with a partner to develop an ambitious final project that deepens and expands Phase 1+2 research and experimentation.
  2. Research Focus: Each project will take on a unique topic within the seminar (see Project Organizational Matrix below). Explore topics including: Algorithmic and Generative Architectures, Minimal Surface structures, Radiolaria, Growth patterns in organic lifeforms, Aggregate forms, Gradients, Experimental Design Interfaces, Lattice Structures, more
  3. Experiments: Produce experimental 3d printed study models / artifacts, generative drawings
  4. Final 3d Printed Project: Execute final 3d printed detail model in multiple materials using generative techniques (Grasshopper with additional plug-ins). Model size should be 24" in one direction and mounted on a matte-grey painted base or small pedestal.
  5. Documentation: Complete drawings, graphic design, illustrating the process and potential. These artifacts should fit with the graphic design conventions and templates agreed upon by the group overall.
  6. Project Description: 300 work project description
  7. Video: Submit 2 minutes of video documentation of 3d printing and time-lapse videos of the assembly process 


3/14: Open Lab - working with partners to develop Synthesis Phase designs and artifacts.
3/28: Lecture / Workshop - Final Project Proposals Due for pinup and presentation
4/4: Field Trip: UC Berkeley 3d Printing Lab / Emerging Objects Oakland
4/11: Lecture / Workshop - 3d Printed Details Due
4/18: Lecture / Workshop - 3d Printed Details Due
4/25: Final Show, Video Prsentation and Discussion