3/28/2016 Projects Update

01: Re-Bundling Mies
Project / architect: Federal Center, Chicago / Mies Van der Rohe
Students: Antonio Carlos De Quadros and Frederico Leite Goncalves

Description: Based on 3d printing the main structure and facade all together. We are experimenting with precision (structure) and accident (facade) for light and wind filtering.

Keywords: Column, Beam, Skin, Transparency, Structural lines, Bundling, Accident.

02: Coppice
Project / Architect: National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo / Le Corbusier (1957)
Student Team Names: Jin Shen and Gloria Asaba Kiiza

Description: Coppice is a column that takes on a growth pattern like in organic life forms to help in its performance. Like most living things rely on a collection of atoms to make them structurally sound, coppice relies on a collection of smaller columns that combine and make one structurally sound column. These columns like the atoms also vary in size which gives the larger column room for perforations allowing it to play a great role in the lighting and shading of the rooms it occupies.

Keywords: Organic Growth Patterns, Light, Porosity, Branching, Column, Beam, Bundling.

03: Unite De Habitation Bundles_Redefining systems integrated structure
Project: Unite De Habitation Marseille, France // Le Corbusier
Students: Maya Annotti & Mariana Mijangos

Description: The project seeks to redefine a a series of interdependent structural and MEP components and re-imagine them as continuous, interweaving and interlocking bundles which synthesize the transference of both force and utility. Creating a less rigid and brutalist architectural expression, the new system creates opportunities for new formal and conceptual expressions within the architecture.

Keywords: bundles, structure, MEP, hybrid, all-in-one tectonics 

04: Ornamental Structure
Project / Architect: Seagram Building / Mies Van Der Rohe
Students: Bryany Burke, Georgia Came, Susan Wing

2 Sentence Description: Our project explores the function of members that make up the iconic corner detail of the Seagram Building, particularly the contradiction between structure and ornament. The pieces we are re-creating emphasize the connections that exist within the detail between these contrasting functions.

Keywords: Column, Window, I-Beam, Bundling, Multi-material, Connection, Weaving, Structure

05: The Naked Bridge
Project / Architect: Querini Stampalia Bridge/ Carlo Scarpa, Venice, Italy
Students: Keith Edwards & Jared Vallair

Description: We are re-imaging the design of the bridge based on the cellular structure of  its many materialistic components. We will redesign it as a naked bridge that removes its "skin" and represents each member of the bridge for its connective properties.

Keywords: Weave, Fiber, Cell, Structure

06: Porous Twisted Columns
Project / Architect: Hyperbolic Paraboloid / Félix Candela
Students: Timothy Suprapto and Ka Ki Yam

Description: Re-imagination of the vertical rebar inside Candela's column as the superstructure of the tower composed by hyperbolic parabolic structure.

Keywords: Column, Bundling, Multi-material, Porosity, Twist

07: LRX
Project / Architect: Pacific House / Casey Brown Architecture
Student: Zachary Fish

Description: Modelling an irregular 3 armed column supporting a cantilevered house. Algorithm converts the steel structure to a tree based structure with geometric sheathing.

keywords: tree, sheathing, growth, support


09: Vaulted Distortion
Project / Architect: Restaurant Xochimilclo // Felix Candela
Students: Victoria Martinez and Marianna Munguia-Chang

Description: Using Felix Candela's famous double curved vaults, we are reimagining their structure as a two part material system; rigid space frames approximating the form and a thin fabric like drape over top that is created by intentionally misusing the 3d printer and its settings.

Keywords: vault, space frame, drape, misuse